Zenthai Flow
Yoga Based Asana class combined with elements of Qi Gong and functional
explorative movement. This combination of focused alignment with free-flowing movement will
encourage you to feel what is right for your own individual body’s needs.
Suitable for all levels of experience and fitness.

Dion’s Bio

Dion previously explored different health related careers such as Exercise Physiology/Rehab, Phys Ed Teaching, Elite Sports Coaching, Personal Training and Remedial Massage Therapy.

After his first week of committed yoga practice over 10 years ago he was totally hooked and quit his other jobs to
explore new ways of movement and connection to self.
Travelling the world extensively and following his other passions of music, surfing and deep cultural adventures his approach to Yoga has developed through studying with many master yoga/movement teachers.

Most predominantly training extensively with Gwyn Williams, Creator of ZenThai Shiatsu and movement flow, connecting our Yoga practice to the meridians of Chinese medicine and the 5 elements of nature.

As an International touring and recording Drummer/Percussionist Dion brings a strong rhythmic
element to his yoga classes (sometimes with live music or at least a well curated playlist!) and a body
and posture element to his Drumming and Dance workshops. His classes are fun and relaxed and he
encourages his students to find fluent healthy ways to move their bodies both on and off the yoga

Dion is also now offering limited Massage Therapy sessions and many other events and workshops.
Check the events page and/or come and say hi at one of his classes listed on the schedule.