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Sunday April 9th
3:00-5:30 pm

Prana Bandha:
A Master Class with Duncan Wong


Prana Bandha (Core Vinyasa) 
Bandha is often translated as Lock or Seal and is a necessary component of the practice to not only keep one safe within the asana, but to transform the energetics, and to further deepen the level of one's practice and experience. This 2.5 hr masterclass is An introduction to the fascinating world of yogic breath and core body techniques that awaken our natural organic movement that produces pain free power and fluidity of flow in our every action for the rest of or lives. 

Includes : applied yoga anatomy energetics, kriya mudra (yogic core purifying techniques), classical and integrated martial art breathing techniques, and next level bandha-to-body proper organic movement comprehension. All Levels of Students and Teachers Welcome!




member: 65 chf / 50 reduced

70 chf / 55 chf student reduced

register: kristen at awakentothepath@gmail.com

About Duncan:
Born in San Francisco, Sensei Duncan Wong lives in Japan, where he raises twin sons in the deep forest of Kyoto. The creator and founder of the original Californian ‘Western Warrior Flow’ known as Yogic Flow Arts™, Duncan’s unique and fluid practice combines the intelligence of yoga, the intuition of dance, the heart of martial arts, and the healing of massage. Flow Arts can be defined as a flow therapy through cross-core counter-spiral wave motion to access our source power.

Master Wong’s integrated experience in the global fields of vinyasa yoga, zen martial arts and bodywork spans four decades: Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice as he was taught by Sri K.P. Jois; Jivamukti training with Sharon Gannon and David Life; considerable martial arts training including a decade of tournament competition, and life long mentoring under Korean Buddhist sword master, Sun Im Kwahn Jang Nym, S.J. Suh, of the Kuk Sool Won™.

He is a pioneer and leading proponent in the field of yogic flow motion dynamics that infuse the natural balance of mantra wisdom, warrior technology and healing bodywork therapy. Duncan‘s passion is to assist and witness the unfolding of people’s humanity via a stick-and-stone-age approach to mindfulness. Master Duncan Wong is delighted to bring his transpersonal body-mind healing to the Basel training menu

This program is designed for all walks and levels and offers a thorough understanding of what inter-transpersonal work is about.It all started when...