Erin Mallon



Erin is a certified Greenpath Ashtanga Yoga teacher (2009). She’s been teaching vinyasa yoga in Basel since 2009 and focuses on pace, alignment and breath in her practice. After completing her Master of Arts in Art and Design Education at the HGK-FHNW Basel in 2014, she spent 18 months traveling on her bicycle from Switzerland across Eurasia in the artistic collective Haystack News. While traveling or back at home in Basel, Erin understands yoga asana and meditation as flexible, practice-based tools of self-observation which find their places in her life next to an arsenal of other practices she loves to pursue, like drawing, cycling, reading, writing and translating. As a teacher, she aims to create a comfortable space for her students to arrive in and fill with their own experiences, questions and goals on the mat.


Erin grew up in California, USA. She speaks English and German.