Evelyne Vuilleumier



Evelyne teaches dynamic Vinyasa Flow, which is a creative flowing style of Yoga with music. Central to this are breathing and movement. The asana sequences vary each time.


Evelyne explored the realms of sports as a professional Snowboarder in the 90ies. She always had a passion for dance and dove deep into Zen, Vipassana, Ashtanga, Reiki and Meditation. After her studies of Clinical Psychology, Sophrology and Gestalt Therapy, she co-founded a Center for Holistic Medicine in Zurich. She was accompanied by an awakened Master, Ananata, for many years. After 15 years of practicing yoga, she accomplished her Yoga Teacher Training with Akhilesh at Neoyoga. 

Today she offers individual spiritual and psychological Sessions in Basel and Zürich as well as Yoga and Deepr Silence Meditation as a teacher for The Looking Glass Basel.

 RYS 500