Yoga was always something for the others, something for the "Incense Group" but living in Berlin in 2004 I found myself the first time on a yoga mat. Since then, yoga is part of my life and brings a wonderful balance to my job in the arts – providing stillness and finding my centre. The yoga mat is for me a small island on which the world out there should not matter for 60minutes.

In 2017 I took the Yoga Alliance certified teacher training at Spirit Yoga in Berlin. Now I just started to teach private and group sessions that are mindful and playful flow classes for Non-Yogis, office workersand Yoginis-to-be who benefit from a combination of graceful movements while gaining more strength and awareness of their alignment and body.

Yoga is clarity, a possibility of change and learning. The time on the yoga mat is to give each student a sense of strength, but also inner peace, in order to be able to face the struggle of everyday life.