Ganga Puri has been providing spiritual guidance and yogic training for thousands of students from over 30 countries. As a Yoga-Acharya (master of yoga), he devotes his energy to leading yoga courses and Vedic studies for those seeking Truth. Besides his studies, he has continuously been blessed by the teachings of traditional Indian gurus and yogis throughout his life.

Wednesday June 21st, 18:15–19:45

Shiva Sutras

The ancient scripture of the kashmir shaivism also popularly known as the Shiva Sutras is the most concentrated form of knowledge about the various states of consciousness and its evolution in the human body. According to the tradition the human body is made of 36 elements (tattvas). We will gain a deeper understanding of the tattvas and how this knowledge supports us in our lifes.

Ganga’s knowledge and understanding of this text is based on years long studies with eastern and western masters and meditating on its deeper meaning. We will explore together the beautiful insights we can get from the sutras.

price: 40.- reduced 30.-


Wednesday June 21st, 20:00–21:30

Kirtan with Ganga, Jenni & Friends

Suggested donation 15.-


Thursday June 22st, 18:30–20:30

Yoganga – A Mystic Asana Flow

After over twelve years of self-study, continuous practice and deep devotion, Ganga Puri developed his original yoga style he calls “āyāsa vinyāsa YogAnga abhyāsa“, a seven limbed hatha yoga practice which includes: Shatkarma, Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyaan and Samadhi as mentioned in ancient scripture. Designed to instill enthusiasm and discipline in aspiring yogis, as well as inspiration to maintain one’s own self-practice, Ganga’s yoga sessions bring precise alignment of the physical body, awareness of the breath as well as the prana, clarity to the mind, balance of the three gunas as well as the male/female energies within, opening of the chakras and a heightened connection with the natural and supernatural universe around us.

price: 50.- reduced 35.-


Thursday June 22st, 21:00- open end

Offering Ceremony to the Rhine with Flowers and Music

We will offer flowers and music to the river Rhine as a ceremony of gratitude. Meeting point 21:00 at The Looking Glass. Bring something to sit on and also flowers that you'd like to give. 

Suggested donation 10.-