June 28th-30th

A unique opportunity with Gwyn Williams


Friday Evening, June 28th

18.30-21.00 2.5 hrs

The Art of Assists.  It is not what you do but how you do it. In this class we look at the various ways to approach another body and offer a present welcomed therapeutic touch. Within a yoga class environment we discover where this goes wrong, and explore ways to offer gestures to create a powerful transformational experience . The conversation you have with your hands on another body will never be the same. Simple practices neck therapy is included. 

Saturday, June 29th

12.00 - 15.00 3 hrs


Our innate instinctual movement is rhythmic, spiralling and energising . Exploring the five elements of Chinese medicine and Chi gong principles we look at ways to stabilise our entirety and increase our life force. The 5 elements gives us a great template to unravel the mysteries that guide us to our full potential. Let’s allow life to be our teacher. Solo and partner work involved. This includes a small therapeutic sequence targeting the lower back.


16.00 - 19.00 3 hrs

Fluidity , continuation and rhythm.

When we stop and look we can notice that there is a natural innate instinct that oscillates around cyclical, spiralling effortless rhythms. In this class we will follow this concept within our own body and the lines of the fascial system. Attention will be given to strengthen and stabilise the shoulder girdle. Walk away with a simple zenthai bodywork sequence that restores vitality and functional movement by unwinding the bumpy bits into new plains of unfixated freedom ….Life is movement and rhythm is one of the fundamental principles of Life.


12.15-15.15 3 hrs

A Moving Meditation.    

We work with the tools of silence, spaciousness and deep listening to guide the body back to its natural unimpeded state. You will be guided through a simple therapeutic Zenthai bodywork flow based around the rhythm of the water element to discover the art of giving is as therapeutic as the gift of receiving . The kidney and bladder will be revitalised with a new found energy.


Individual workshops

  • Friday evening - 2.5 hours

members: 60 chf / 45 chf student reduced

non-members: 70 chf / 55 chf student reduced

  • Saturday or Sunday - 3 hrs

members: 65 chf / 50 chf student reduced

non-members: 75 chf / 60 chf student reduced

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Gwyn has spent over 15 years effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga asana , utilising this within his therapeutic , martial arts and AcroYoga teachings. The founder of Zenthai shiatsu , a fusion of Zen Shiatsu , Thai massage and osteopathic technique, is a community built upon the foundation of Thich Knat Hahn's " When we touch something with awareness , we touch Upon the central themes of presence , togetherness and self realisation is the ground of Zenthai, reaching out and personally touching people in all corners of the globe .

More recently his style called Zenthai Flow has evolved to create a trilogy of yoga asana, partner flows and therapeutic bodywork woven together through the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. 

His book ' The Zen of touch ' is known in alternative healing circles throughout the world and is well utilised in the Thai massage community . An author , a therapist , a teacher , a competitive runner and surfer and the founder of Zenthai shiatsu. Above all, he  is  passionate about art forms that bring us back to pristine states of awareness and connection enabling us to engage openly. with our full hearts and deeper truth . 

He has presented at yoga festivals and conventions throughout the world for over  the past ten years  as well as running workshops, courses and retreat at the Zenthai centres on the east coast of Australia and Bali .