Jelena Pfister


Cultivating awareness of the body through movement and developing an attitude of self-love and acceptance, Jelena’s passion for dance can be felt in her yoga class. Flowing from asana to asana with grace and joy and connecting to the present moment with awareness and unconditional love.

Jelena has trained in several yoga styles and achieved her first 200hr teacher certificate in Vinyasa Yoga in Costa Rica, her Advanced Teacher Training certificate in Sivananda Yoga, as well as a 500hr training in tantra yoga. Last year she studied Elemental Yoga in Bali (500hr), which is a Meridian-based yoga approach, which balances the organs and
associated discomforts, enhances well-being in the body, promotes mental calmness and creates the deep connection to one's own nature. “Because nothing happens in nature, which is not in the connection with the whole.

In my yoga class you experience how yoga activates self-healing powers and enriches everyday life. Here we practice yoga asana and pranayama according to the timeless principles of eastern medicine. We follow the cycles of nature (seasons, moon, etc.) to find balance in our natural
rhythm in everyday life.


Holistic Dance (Zola Dubnikovel – Tempel School in Arambol – Goa,India); 2018

Elemental Yoga (200-houres – Elemental Yoga School – Bali); 2017 Elemental Yoga Therapy (300-houres – Elemental Yoga School – Bali); 2017

Kundalini Dance Training by Leyolah Antara – ongoing internship Adjustment-continuing education in Ashtanga Yoga (at Ashtanga Yoga
Basel); 2016

Yoga training in Tantric Yoga (300-hour - Shri Kali Ashram - Goa, India);

Sadhana Intensive (Sivananda Ashram Paris, France); 2014

Yoga training in Sivananda Yoga (500-hour - Sivananda Ashram -
Bahamas); 2013 & 2015

Yoga training in Vinyasa Flow (200-hour - Joyful Yoga - Costa Rica); 2013

Meditation leader in room for awareness in Zurich, In 2012

Quantum Cure Training in Space for Consciousness, In 2011

Dance education ZTTS in Zurich; 2010-2013

Education as primary teacher PHZH; 2006-2009