A weekend of Mantra, Thai Body Work, Kirtan and more with Johannes Vogt                                                                          April 21st-22nd

April 21st:                                                                              Saturday live music class                                                          10-11.30
jivamukti Yoga with Kristen Watson Geering alongside Live Mantra Music by Johannes Vogt.
heart opening chants and mantras will guide you through this morning flow!

members: class packs+ 10 chf donation                          nonmember: 40 chf / 35 chf student

Saturday mantra workshop                                                 12:00-14:00
This Workshop gives a wonderful chance to gain deeper knowledge on the meaning of Mantras.
Besides the information and the beautiful stories on the Hindu deities and Vedanta Johannes guides
you through this Workshops with heart opening chanting.

What we learn:
- Vedic Mantras, Bija Mantras, Bhajans - what is the difference?
- Hindu deities and their famous Mantras
- Ramanaya and Bhagavad Gita in a nutshel
- “What is Jyotish?” Basics of Vedic Astrology and the Mantras for the Planets
- how to choose a personal Mantra for Sadhana and Japa Meditation?
this workshop will be rich on knowledge for personal wellbeing!

members: 50 chf / 40 chf students                                           non members: 60 chf/ 50 chf students


April 22nd:

Sunday Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurveda: 13:30-15.30
Come to this playful Introduction on Thai-Yoga and Ayurveda with Johannes! We start with a short and profound Intro on the principles of the GUNAS and DOSHAS as well in the Main
Principles of Thai-Yoga- Massage!
How to combine this? Johannes guides you through a nice Massage Sequence which you easily can follow.

We will work in PAIRS so you can give and receive a guided Massage! The Massage includes soft static thai-massage techniques as well as gentle dynamic moves. You will be
guided in listening to the needs of the receiver!
This afternoon will be filled with excellent tools to broaden your massage skills, and get a basic Ayurveda and Thai-Yoga overview! Furthermore you can fully let go and enjoy while
receiving a Massage! And dive into the Buddhist teachings of loving kindness through giving!
This Workshop is for Beginners as well as Practitioners in Bodywork Arts.
The massage will be with clothes on Yogamatts.

members: 50 chf / 40 chf students                                           non members: 60 chf/ 50 chf student


Sunday Kirtan Night * 19:15 – 21:00                                                by donation
Kirtan with Johannes! We will chant Bhajans, Mantras and Healing Songs of different Traditions.  Johannes loves to give insights in the meaning of the Mantras combined with stories to the Hindu Deities.  The Chants can be meditative and calm and also powerful and ecstatic!
See you in the Circle, to let go, open up, to nourish heart and soul!  You are invited to be who you are, finding your voice and singing from the heart!!



Johannes is a Yoga Teacher, Musician, Ayurveda and Thai Massage Practitioner. He is  based in Germany, in the Black Forrest.
Johannes leads regular Kirtan to create sacred spaces throughout yoga classes, retreats and workshops.
He loves to bring the Bhakti Aspect of Devotion and loving kindness together with music and Dharma Teachings of the Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta Tradtions in an undogmatic way.
He believes in the power of weaving different approaches of Yoga, Music and Bodywork together, to create a space for Healing and Joy. Johannes has travelled extensively all over
the world and spent time studying with Teachers of different Traditions.
Johannes holds diplomas from the Sivananda Yoga Organization, The American Institute of
Vedic Studies and the Sunshine Thai Massage Network.