Julie Morrow


When I went to my first yoga class about 25 years ago, I thought it was weird quite frankly. It was not love at first class. But something about it made me curious and I decided to keep exploring. I took classes from different teachers and tried different styles of yoga.     I read about the history and philosophy of yoga.
Ultimately what was most meaningful to me was that wherever I was in my life, I often found what I needed on the yoga mat – challenges, quietness, self-knowledge, acceptance, support and many other things. Sometimes it simply reflected what was going on inside of me - restlessness, impatience, hope, passion – and this helped give me direction.
In the past few years I decided to pursue my life-long passions more fully, including finally becoming a certified vinyasa flow and yin yoga teacher. I am also a certified Esalen massage therapist and nutrition coach and educator with a PhD in Human Nutrition and Nutritional Biology.
For me yoga is a journey, and I hope to share this journey with my students in every class.