I had my first Yoga experience when I was 17 and I was drawn to Yoga ever since.

During my adolescence I tried various spiritual practices but never found one that seemed to 

answer all my questions.

When I started my profound Yoga path in 2009, after the birth of my daughter, I met so many 

inspiring teachers and friends and suddenly I found the answers and everything made sense. 

Naturally my thirst to learn more and go deeper grew stronger.

During my meditation practices in the Zen and Vipassana tradition I was at first surprised to 

find the same quality of calmness of mind which I already found in the Yoga practice. Now I 

understand that this is really the essence of every spiritual practice. Taking a moment to 

pause and go deeper and closer to your true nature.

I was blessed by the wonderful Yin teachings of Helga Baumgartner, a direct student of Paul 

Grilley, who with her deep knowledge of the human body opened my eyes for the 

possibilities Yin Yoga gives by letting go of ideal outer forms but instead focussing on the 

effects of a pose in the individual body.

In May 2016 I spend a month in the company of David Life and Sharon Gannon who shared 

their knowledge and understanding with us and became a certificated 300hrs Jivamukti Yoga 


Being a Yoga teacher to me is sharing the benefits that I have experience through the 

practice. I want to create an atmosphere of ease and trust and I invite you to be where ever 

you are and start from there. I would like to encourage you to honour your wonderful body 

and be grateful for the experiences it allows you to have and to honour your heart by not 

judging but allowing yourself to be who you are.

In my classes I address your body either trough a demanding Jivamukti Class or a calm Yin 

practice but my first aim is to bring calmness to your mind. So that at the moment when you 

lie down in Shavasana all is light and peace.