KIDS YOGA with Paola and Linda


Wanna help your children to be active and learn how to manage their emotions in a fun yet mindful way? Bring your kiddos to join us as we start a new cycle of classes in Spring.

Wednesdays 20. March, 27. March, 03. April, 10. April

from 17 to 17:45

Classes are offered in English for kids aged 5+ 

This cycle requires a minimum of 4 registered participants and is limited to 15 fully enrolled children

Price $80 (full cycle)

Please send an email to to register for full cycle or one trial class ($30) 

About Paola
Paola is a certified yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance and currently teaches classes for children and adults in the Basel area. She is also a mother of two inspiring boys.

Kids love to move and to create stories, so do we! AnimalKidsYoga started in Berlin in 2004 and since then, is making yoga fun for children. The concept is based on the use of cards illustrated by animals performing asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudras (hand gestures).  Through a combination of games and storytelling we take kids to an imaginative journey throughout the animal kingdom. Besides having fun and learning about nature, children can enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination and improve their concentration and sense of calmness.

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