KIDS YOGA with Paola and Linda


Kids Yoga Workshop with

João Guimarães, the creator of Animal Kids Yoga - Yoga der Tiere

Where: The Looking Glass Basel

When: 11.05.2019, 12h to 15h

Participants: yoga instructors, teachers, educators, parents and all people interested in teaching or practicing yoga with children

Price: CHF60

Language: German (questions and explanations in English if needed)

Info and registering:

Animal Kids Yoga is an educational yoga methodology developed to teach and practice yoga with children using beautifully illustrated cards. The concept integrates principles of Hatha Yoga with music, rhythm, movement, storytelling, geometry and notions of color theory. Animal Kids Yoga aims to help children to develop body awareness and explore their creativity while connecting with elements of yoga and nature.

In this workshop, we will explore different combinations of yogapostures with breathing techniques, sounds, colors, geometric shapes and rhythm. We will also learn how these elements interact with each other and how to develop beautiful and imaginative yoga practices with children.

AnimalKidsYoga, originally Yoga der Tiere (in German) and then Yoga dos Bichos (in Portuguese) was created in Berlin in 2004 by João Camargo Guimarães. The cards were initially conceived as a pedagogical tool to support teaching yoga for children. The first illustrations were inspired by yoga postures with names of animals, such as Downward-Facing Dog, Cow, Cat and Camel pose. Due to its success, the project expanded to a collection of worldwide animals performing Asanas and Vinyasas.

João Camargo Guimarães, as known as Joaocaré, was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he studied music composition and violin. After his studies he lived for 18 years in Berlin, where his three children were born. There he worked as a musician, yoga teacher for children and started his career as a talented author and illustrator. João has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and currently lives between Berlin and São Paulo, when he’s not travelling around the globe or inspiration. João has written, illustrated and translated books for young minds in Germany and Brazil.