Kundalini Chakra Dance


KUNDALINI DANCE - A journey through the chakras (one course in Zürich & one in Basel)

Where: Feldbergstrasse 1, 4057 Basel (The Looking Glass Studio)

Dates: Fridays 12.4 / 19.4 / 3.5 / 10.5 /17.5 / 31.5 (6 times; we take the Third Eye & Crown Chakra Journey together)

Time: 7.15-9.15pm (please arrive 15' before the course starts)

Costs: Drop-In CHF 30.00 (Students CHF 25.00) / Entire Course: CHF 150.00 (Students: 125.00; get one session free)

Language: German/English

In these intuitive dance journeys you will reconnect closer to your body and essence of your being. Moving freely on the dance floor as also learning simple breath & movement keys to activate different chakras (energetic centres of our body).
It’ s an extraordinary alchemical dance by which we will move energy through our bodies – with the intention to awaken Kundalini Shakti (Life Force Energy). An awakened Kundalini Shakti brings us pure bliss and strong vital life force energy. Each class is devoted to a different chakra and it’s topics. Kundalini Dance is highly transformational. 
The founder of Kundalini Dance is Leyolah Antara; I give my deep gratitude for her path and teachings I was able to receive.

All classes can be visited as Drop-In! But it's most beneficial to attend to the entire course. 
This course is open to all men & women of all ages.


Root Chakra – topics: relationships, our home, sense of belonging 

Sacral Chakra – topics: activating sacred sexuality codes within, our Vital Life Force, Wellspring of creativity

Solar Plexus– topic: our inner fire and personal power. Embracing our Warrior and our Wild Women. 

Heart Chakra – topics: love, Giving and Receiving. Opening and connecting our hearts.

Throat Chakra – topics: expanding and sharing our unique expression, Conscious Communication, Embracing the truth of who we are.


Third Eye Chakra – topics: Vision, Receiving guidance, Consciousness

Crown Chakra – topics: bliss, Union, Communion, Co-creation, Manifestation

Jelena PfisterBruderholzstrasse 124104 Oberwil076 594 36 57