Magdalena Piatti & Angela Lohri


Concert – Singing circle – Sound healing

Sat June 3rd: 


30 / 25 reduced

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Magdalena Piatti, a 34-year old singer, composer and medium, has developed the ability to hear fine frequencies and a specific light language through her opened channel. Everything she perceives, Magdalena writes down in messages, mantra-lyrics and symbols – her light language – which she shares in singing circles and in the form of healing sessions, both privately and in groups. Her songs and sounds activate the personal healing processes and lead to deep relaxation, enabling the perception of the connection to the soul. Magdalena has the gift of creating a bridge between earth and other dimensions through sound, voice and light language. During sound transmission, different messages, codes and activations can be received. The singing of light language is intended to raise the frequency of body vibration, opening the heart and bringing clarity into your own life task.

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Angela Lohri is a musician, musicologist and yoga teacher. From an early age Angela has improvised on her violin. At the Haute École de Musique in Lausanne and at Bern University of Arts she focussed on the classical repertoire and perfected her technical skills. On the path of bhakti yoga Angela discovered a new dimension of music, offering her sounds to the divine.


Magdalena Piatti and Angela Lohri share a common musical vision and friendship. Magdalena composes songs in light language accompanied by the piano. The violin joins as an improvising voice and achieves a dialogue on different levels. In this space, both feel connection to the power of nature. Their music harmonises energies within and around each of us, supporting our own healing process in the current moment. Magdalena and Angela have performed within the framework of LIGHT YOUR VOICE in Vienna and are planning to release an album.