Lilian Durey

Sat Oct 21 / Sun Oct 22nd

Yogin Flow Dure Yoga


Sat Oct 21st





Urban Flight: From Crow to Handstand. Invert.


Sun Oct 22nd


Yin Yumminess: Restore.


Pricing for each two hour workshop:

Members with:

-5/10 x Class packs + 10 chf

-Unlimited Mth(s) + 20 chf / 15 chf student reduced

Non-members : 50 chf / 40 chf student reduced





Sat 10-12 : Free the Story. Flow.

General intention of a yogin flow practice, from Hatha to Raja Yoga
Rediscovering the principles of the eight limbs of yoga through the modern lifestyle.
The basic yet essential principles of this practice are to create a feeling memory of compassion and devotion for ourselves and others where we can take refuge in and let go of the many expectations we put on ourselves and on life.
It is a daily practice based on vigilance towards the experiences that life provides in order to act upon instead of reacting to our thoughts, emotions or outside experiences. We always have the choice to hold on to our thoughts and stories or to give them freedom.

In motion we will synchronize breathing patterns into posture and natural alignement to find flow and build a relaxed yet dynamic body to reside in ASANA.

The way to reach that ever mindfull state is also made of breath rhythm (pranayama) and senses work out (pratyahara). Holding our breath is key to experiment a quiet place of mind and understand the physiology and control of our nervous system.

From a very humble place we will connect to Hatha principles and receive the teachings and medicine of the combine yin and yang sources.


Sat 13.30-15.30

Urban Flight : From Crow to Handstand. INVERT.

Explore Bakasana to handstand

This workshop is made to set the foundation of arm balancing and hand standing and their purpose. We will flow through a Bakasana sequence challenging our body strengths thus finding the best natural alignements to make it lighter and safe. It’s more about technic and alignement than strength. 


Why do we balance on our arms ?

To find mulabandha and forget all the rest.

To explore natural alignement and center of gravity

To build a healthy and strong upper body in relation to the core and the legs.

To Please the hips and have fun ….

-Learn the alignment magic of handstanding to experiment the whole body dynamics and build a strong natural alignment in everyday life.



Sun oct 22nd

17.30-19.30 Yin Restorative

Freedom for the thoughts, healing for the bodies

The practice of entering the yin part of our body systems guide us to balance from our very dynamic lifestyle.

Merge with earth, relax your spirit, free your mind and let that feeling infuse your brain in daily life.

We are magic yin creature but we don’t often learn to trust place intuition and free feelings.

Come back to human nature, it’s not super power it’s just humans.