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My name is Lise Gerard. I am a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Breathing is the main aspect of my classes, then body and mind relief from stress and fatigue. I teach Hatha, ying and meditation. I incorporate music in the practice: mantra chanting, Tibetan bowl, musical relaxation.

I dedicate myself to a healthy life through a vegetarian diet, a restorative sleep and a happy body/mind balance. I practise and breathyoga every day with love and passion.



At an early age, I have been initiated to meditation, music and gymnastic. Then, yoga appeared and fed myself with good impressions.I travelled the world to discover the meaning of yoga. I lived in China one year where I discovered Bikram yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese massage. I went to Cambodia and Laos for a spiritual retreat and I spent time with Buddhist monks to meditate.

I studied Tai Chi and Nuad Bo Rarn Massage at ITM School (International Thai Massage, level 1 and 2) in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. This technique removes energy blockages from the body. This is where I understood that the body can help the mind and vice versa.

In India, I followed a thorough Hatha yoga teacher training program in the Himalayan foothills. This is a Yoga Alliance 500 hour certification. I delved deeper into Ayurveda medicine.  

My teaching style is a lovely combination of all those experiences and trainings. I enrich my knowledge every day with dedication and follow Patanjali teaching.


What happens during a Hatha Class?

The class rhythm is gentle. We start with a chanting opening and a warm-up. With respect to Hatha yoga teaching, postures are held 5 breathings. They are designed to improve joint movement range, muscle strength and posture adjustment. Breathing flushes out toxins and balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Meditation helps to become conscious. The goal is to reach a stable mind. The final relaxation is a precious time to record the benefits of the class.

The class is open to everyone. Come and join the looking glass community. We will welcome you with open arms. Lise

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