Have you recently finished a teacher training, but feel a little unsure how to start?

Have you been teaching yoga for a few years already, but are now looking to deepen and immerse again?

Do you want to spend a few months diving into the practices of yoga with Kristen?

then check this out!

The Looking Glass Basel is currently offering a mentorship program with Kristen Watson Geering for anyone who has gone through a teacher training program already, and would like to have more support in developing themselves as a yoga practitioner, and /or as a working yoga teacher.

  • Each course can be begin at any time and will extend for a minimum period of 3 months, up until a maximum period of 9 months for completion, depending upon the availability of the student and agreed upon calendar.


  • This course, although has a beginning structure and curriculum, is fluid and tailor made for each client, your individual needs, and begins with a 1 on 1 meeting and assessment with Kristen to discuss your current practice / and or teaching level, and your ideal goals for the end of the program.

250 hour Mentorship

  • Certain themes included, but are not limited to, within the program:
  1. 1 on 1 weekly meet-ups, in person or via video calling, throughout the program.
  2. Yoga Philosophy and Sutra Study
  3. Developing a Personal Daily Practice (does not necessarily mean asana) 
  4. Pranayama Practices
  5. Mantra, Japa, Chanting and why it works
  6. Journal Reflection questions and short essays
  7. Shifting the way we think, releasing old habits, creating new responses
  8. Sequencing and developing Class Themes for classes and workshops
  9. Breaking down and offering asanas for various levels and abilities
  10. Assists and their various forms, ie verbal vs hands on
  11. Finding your Authentic Voice and Style
  12. Assisting Classes /  giving in-class privates
  13. Trusting in your Offering


For more information regarding the mentorship program, please email Kristen at

Pricing for mentorship program does not include needed materials such as reference books or props. It Does include a limited class pack at The Looking Glass Basel based upon your program.


250 hr Mentorship program for yoga teachers: 2,600 chf