SCHEDULE : For the Holiday Schedule, please check on our mindbody online system and then click on CLASS TAB. you do not have to log in.

  • No need to preregister for class...just drop in!

  • hands on assists/adjustments are commonly given. if you prefer not to receive them, just let the teacher know before class begins.


10.30-12.00  Jivamukti Open with Michelle Koppitsch-Mcmanus

16.00-17.00  Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior with Guillaume Musset

17.30-19.00  Yin Yoga with Ophelie Cabanero - last class Dec 16th. We Wecome Loredana Messina January 6th + thereafter



8:00-9.00  Hatha Yoga für Neueinsteiger with Melanie Stegmüller 

12:15-13.15  Jivamukti Open with  Nele Kuchemueller

18.15-19.45  Jivamukti Medium with Kristen Watson Geering (Medium is a step between fundamentals and open level for all levels)

20.00-21.30  Jivamukti Open with Guillaume Musset



10.00-11.30  Jivamukti Open  with Kristen Watson Geering

12.15-13.15  Vinyasa Flow with Evelyne Vuilleumier

18.15-19.45  Jivamukti Open with Kristen Watson Geering

20.00-21.15  Foundations with Kristen Watson Geering (perfect for beginners or those who want to break it down)



10.00-11.15 Elemental Yoga with Jelena Pfister

12.15-13.15  Hatha Yoga with Simone Weber

18.15-19.45  Jivamukti Open with Guillaume Musset

20.00-21.15  Jivamukti Open with Lisa Corbat



9.30-11.00 Jivamukti Open with Guillaume Musset

12.15-1.15  Jivamukti Open with Guillaume Musset

18.15-19.45 Jivamukti Yoga with Kristen Watson Geering

20.00-21.30 Bewusstseinstraining / Consciousness Group in DE/Eng with Simone Weber 


10.00-11.30  Jivamukti Yoga with  Kristen Watson Geering

12.15-13.15 Vinyasa Flow with Julie Morrow

17.30-18.45 Vinyasa with Julie Morrow



10.00-11.30  Jivamukti Yoga with Kristen Watson Geering

16.00-17.00  Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior with Nele Kuchemueller

  • All classes are available as drop-ins, no need to pre-register. If it is your first time at The Looking Glass, please arrive 10 min early to register. After that, you're always good to go.

  • Beginners are Encouraged to first attend the Tuesday evening Beginners class 20.00-21.15, although are welcomed to attend any class that fits their schedules.

  • Please discuss any injuries, pregnancies, medications, or special needs with the teacher Before class that s/he should know about. Many teachers offer hands on adjustments. If you prefer not to be assisted, please let them know before class begins.


FYI: Private lessons and In-class Privates are available.  For more information about these offerings,  just ask the teacher you resonate with and wish to work with.  They are happy to serve!  Even one single private lesson can help bridge deeper understanding into your own personal practice, taking you further along your path of yoga.

  • an In-class Private is where the teacher of your choice, accompanies you to another class guided by a difference teacher. Your assistant is there to assist and support your practice throughout the entire class. Complete with the ultimate savasana treatment, this experience allows you to find greater alignment and integrity in each of the postures, with balance to both sides of the body.