Mitsch Kohn


Sound Healing Concert and Sound Bath

with Mitsch Kohn

Wednesday, November 28th



30 chf / 25 chf students or use of 10/5 x packs members allowed

An intuitive concert is an encounter unfolding from silence into sound into silence.

Mitsch Kohn invites with his heart opening music (Piano/Vocal/Drum) to engage with the flow of the moment and drift on that path into an inner journey. Travelling through the inner landscape enables realizing inner believes and blockages as well as the connection to the higher self. From that point of view there ́s a deeper understanding of life situations, relationships and generally struggles.

Although the music has a strong power of guidance, the listener decides, how deep he/she is able to dive... it can be „just a concert“ or a deep healing process.

The duration of a journey is approx. 90 min. and will end in silence again. In this silence there ́ll be time to integrate and coming back into the normal daily conciousness.

Ideally you start the journey with closed eyes while lying on the floor.

About my work: All truth is inside us. With sound we can dive into inner dimensions that seemed to be covered before. Letting the mind go and diving into the flowing river of sound, new doors were opened we never expected that they are there. Sound is akey, but walking through is the challenge for everyone him/herself.

My intention is with the music coming through me to give space to explore inner dimensions and to get to know the inner world on a deeper level. The music open the hearts for dialogue with both the inner light and the darkness...

To realize, to accept and to let go. The listener can experience a true melting with the higher self and get impulses for inner healing. We heal the world with healing and empowering ourselfes.

About Mitsch

The sound mystic Mitsch Kohn creates his music intuitively in the moment he is playing. His very unique piano based soundhealing journeys guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness.

New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence. From that point, he developed his special soundhealing program "KLANG HEILRAUM". This extremely powerful program leaves the path of "concert mode" to open spaces for a deep dive into the inner world, the subconscious. There, in a state of no mind, people face their inner truth and find back to the essence of their soul and experience a deep feeling of being home.


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