Ophelie Cabanero


7 years ago, while working and traveling in Canada, Ophelie read an article in a surf magazine that said  yoga was good for surfing because of all the balancing postures, strengthening exercises, breathing techniques and meditation. She got intrigued and thought she would give it a try. She went to a beginners class at the local recreation center and instantly fell in love with the asana practice and knew she would want to dive deeper into this whole new world. 

She was practicing here and there, when she had time and money - not always an easy thing while traveling and studying (at least what she was thinking at the time). 
She only started to have a regular practice when she came back to Basel in 2011 and discovered Jivamukti yoga. She got hooked and was practicing everyday. 

She then found Ashtanga yoga while living in South of France (because there was no Jivamukti yoga there) and many other types of yoga along the way, with many different teachers. 
It's only in April 2015 that she undertook a 200 hour yoga teacher training in beautiful Bali. 
Now she is sharing gentle flow and yin classes, the latest being her absolute favorite kind of practice at the moment. Which is funny because when she tried it for the first time she hated it, yes strong feeling! But she 'rediscovered' yin yoga in Bali, where everything goes slower, it suddenly all made sense.
She sees it as medicine for the body and mind and believes that our western society definitely needs more yin energy! She realised that everyone's yoga practise can change with time and that everybody is different and needs to listen to their own body.

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