Fri May 19th
Jivamukti XL Class and Kirtan
with Petros Haffenrichter
at The Looking Glass Basel

18.00-20.00 Class
20.15-21.30 Kirtan

Vinyasa Intensive 18.00-20.00
All of existence underlies a certain rhythm.
From the movement of the solar systems and galaxies, through the "sun-salutations" of the plants, to our heartbeat and breath.

Playfully we will dive deeper into this connection between macro- and microcosm and will learn more about our Breath - the rhythm of our movement in yoga-asana, as well as the possibility of total concentration and the clarity of a focused mind.

Intuitively we'll gain consciousness over our mostly conditioned patterns of behaviour and the according effects. Only through that recognition we can detach from those patterns to experience the "now" originating in us as free and ever-returning. Sounds abstract, but beyond the relative intellect it's very simple - and great fun ;)

Kirtan to follow!



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Pricing for Class and Kirtan

65 chf members +jivamukti teachers / 55 chf students

75 chf nonmembers

kirtan only 15-20 chf donation