Philippe Schaeppi is a unique musician who feels home in rock and jazz as well as in indian and free improvised music.

His main instrument is the electric guitar, which he seduces to astonishing soundscapes and images – where he always holds the warm and authentic sound of the guitar close to his heart; as for him music has no message – music IS the message. So he always stays connected to the aim to touch and inspire human beings.

In this yoga class he well lead and follow us with music through the breath and asana-scapes and inspire us to greater depths, heights and widths.



For the last 10 yrs, his lifelong love to music and to the guitar unfolded, triggered by a handful of Rock’n’Roll and Chicago Blues records. Next were guitar lessons, endless practice (and play), tons of hours consciously listening to records, participating in countless projects, bands and concerts, and now merging music with Yoga!

Between 2004 and 2011 pre course at the jazz school of Berne and master graduate jazz in Basel.

Since that time, he lives and works as a professional musician in Basel.