(Jivamukti Sydney)

Guest teaching October 15th-November 3rd

Workshop: Sunday, October 28th 
The Moon and her Influence:

Pricing: members 40 chf / students 30 chf

Non-members 50 chf / students 40 chf

Influence of the Moon:
“Astrology is where the universe points to our own reality” Steven Forrest
The moon represents our feminine energy, reminding us to continuously tap into that which needs nurturing or expressing in the most wild, graceful and emotional way. The moon, She is our closet celestial neighbour, smaller than the sun. She waxes and wanes (to go stronger and weaker), constantly allowing the tides of our planet and ourselves to pull and push what needs to be revealed to us.
Why does She have a powerful impact on us? Well, for many thousands of years, our ancestors have studied the moon through observation. They had no distractions, such as light, wifi, smart phones, and masses of populations, only small communities that would look at the night sky as if it was a canvas revealing something cryptic and magical to us. During these times, they recorded the phases of the moon, such as the 28-day cycle and noticing the impact it had on our emotions, psyche, reproductive system and crops.
Those precious moments of studying the phases of the moon we learned of it’s power. And today, She has the same influence on us. We can find it difficult at times, to tap into her subtle pull and pushes because, most of us are busy and disconnected from the universe. We’re living in crowded cities, working way too hard, jumping in and out of relationships like a ping pong ball, and not spending enough time with ourselves to notice the subtle or powerful impacts She has on us.
The moon is dark, and needs the suns light to shine. And in the same way, she reflects that light to reveal our deepest emotions and psyche, depending if she is waxing or waning and which zodiac sign she is travelling through on the ecliptic track of the cosmos. She represents our unconscious desires and the underlying causes behind our actions and responses to the world. She dives deep into our subconscious and reveals to us own buried, hidden emotions such as jealousy, hatred, pain, struggles, insecurities and most
importantly where we need to shine the light in our own lives to reveal our own truth.
The moon is our teacher, if we sit and observe the moon during its full reveal, we will notice something move, shift, transform deep in our inner waters. This is just the moon, imagine if we sat together exploring the whole planetary system of our galaxy, wow! We could simple see the signs to our own path of dharma and karma giving us wisdom to make the right choices for personal growth.


Sandeep took her first Asthanga yoga class in Leamington Spa in 1999, she developed a deep love and appreciation for her yoga practice and continued this journey when she moved to Sydney, Australia in 2008. Her curiosity and love of learning lead her to discover Jivamukti Sydney (then Samadhi Yoga) with Katie Manitsas in 2011. She was immediately taken with the beautiful exchange of energy and inspiration, and the community feel of Jivamukti Yoga Sydney Studio.

She is inspired by the energy that comes from this space where all walks of life experience yoga together on their mat. Sandeep is drawn to the Jivamukti method because of its well thought out methods where students experience dharma talks that support a vigorous, deep, creative practice.

To expand her experience and commitment, Sandeep undertook the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2012 with Yogeswari and Patrick BroomeHer classes are vigorous and infused with her warmth, sincerity, fun and dynamic approach.  Sandeep completed the Jivamukti apprenticeship program (800hr) with her mentor Karolina Szymala who has continuously encouraged, shaped and believed in developing Sandeep to become a stronger, humble and technical teacher.

Sandeep is an energetic and engaged teacher who enjoys the asana practice and gives her students the skills to develop their techniques, and the opportunity to reflect on their experience in a ‘yoga lab’ environment. It is a structured and supportive environment that is balanced by the space to explore your personal journey in a relaxed community of people coming together to grow and share.

Sandeep an Advanced Jivamutki Teacher is humbly grateful to all her teachers, mentors and friends past, present and future, she honours their passion, dharma talks, technical knowledge, creative sequencing and the individual energy they all bring to yoga. It is this humble and profound inspiration that Sandeep brings to her teaching and her own practice. 

Sandeep has a strong passion for the stars, planets and the cosmos - she incorporates the teachings by bringing us awareness of what energies are pulling and pushing us to evolve, explore and expand.