During her education as a classical dancer at Theater Basel, Simi got in touch with power yoga, which was one of many ‘disciplines’ of the timetable to become a dancer.   Since then,  yoga is a part of her life.   After one year as a professional dancer in Berlin, Simi started her studies  in sports and media sciences at University of Basel. Besides her studies, she worked as a personal trainer and as a dance teacher, and kept dancing, doing yoga and started with all different kind of sports like beach volleyball, swimming and running.  During her Erasmus semester in Amsterdam,  Simi discovered new styles of yoga that she loved and attended classes from pranayama to ashtanga yoga several times a week.  It was in Amsterdam where she decided to learn more about yoga.  In March 2016, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga (Yoga Alliance Cert) and since then, she’s teaching in Basel, Luzern and Magglingen.   She enjoys teaching athletes, dancers, beginners and intermediates.

Simis classes are demanding and combine classical yoga postures,  pranayama, mantras and mudras with a small touch of dancing and gymnastic elements.

“The becoming one of a healthy physical body with a quiet mind and a warm hearth is what makes yoga unique for me and so beneficial for everyone”.