Yoga, Sound, and Self Expression


Yoga, Sound & Self-expression

@The Looking Glass Basel

June 1st



Do you find it hard sometimes to express what you really feel and think? Do you say yes when your whole being says NO?!

We all go through these moments from time to time because, in my opinion, we often lack clarity and forget to listen to our inner world. It’s only once we know what’s happening inside that we can express ourselves into the macrocosm.

In this workshop, Jenni and I will guide you through a journey of sounds & chants while you will be journaling, melting in a yin pose or moving the body into shapes & space while using Doterra Essential Oils to help release blockages and enhance communication.

We will be focusing on Vishuddha, the throat chakra. This chakra is about the expression of yourself,  your truth, your purpose in life and creativity.

Diving into awareness of thoughts, breath, emotions, voice and body. Tuning in, observing the tricks of the mind and finding clarity to express YOUrself fully.


Price: 45.- / 40.- students


LocationThe Looking Glass Basel, Feldbergstrasse 1. 


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