OneYoga KleinBasel  is made up of a team of dedicated teachers who are sincerely engaging in the practices of yoga, both as students and as facilitators, on this pathway to greater joy, peace, freedom, and health.   Every teacher here comes from a different place, and has their own unique way of sharing the teachings, and themselves.  One thing, among many things we do share, is a love for the practice and how it shapes our lives. We hope that by practicing and sharing and learning together in community, satsang, it helps shape yours as well, however you invite it to.   Welcome Home. 

with open arms,

OneYoga KleinBasel 



Kristen Watson Geering

Salome Noa Caruso



Anya Hausermann


Christopher Ekelund



Evelyne Vuilleumier


Isabelle Shuebigger



Larissa Haemisegger



Nico Kraettli



Ophelie Cabenaro


Thomas Arta

Veronique Malinowski