Vera Christopeit


Vera Christopeit is Back!
(800 hr Advanced Certified Jivamukti, Berlin DE)

Guest teaching Friday January 25th- Monday 28th 

Jivamukti Open Classes: normal abos and pricing applies

Friday, January 25th : 10.00-11.30

Saturday, January 26th : 10.00-11.30

Monday, January 28th : 18.15-19.30


FLOAT AND FLY Workshop : Transitions within a Vinyasa

Saturday, January 26th


Transitions within a vinyasa class are often overlooked or not given

enough attention to. However, how we transition determines how

we arrive in the next asana, and the transitions tell us a lot about

our ability to stay focused throughout the practice and maintain (or

cultivate) a calm and easy mind. Vinyasa means ‘conscious

placement’, but the word vinyasa is also being used to describe the

synchronized breath/movement transition in between the asanas of

a certain sequence. The three key components (of five) that

establish the quality of vinyasa are ujjayi, bandhas and drishti – and

when all these come together, the practicioner has reached tristana.

Come and learn how to utilize your breath, bandhas and drishti to

gracefully transition and take the next steps to FLOAT and FLY. If

you are searching for clues to lightly step or jump forward/back, if

you want to learn jumping up or through, or if you first only want to

know how to release safely, gracefully and with ease out of one

asana - this workshop can be for you.

Cultivate more strength, grace, ease and bouyancy on the mat and

in your life. Bring your questions, your sense of adventure, and a

small towel in case you sweat a lot. Make sure your last meal was

no shorter than two hours before the practice – and hydrate before

the workshop begins!



members 50 chf / 40 chf student

nonmembers 60 chf / 50 chf student


members: 60 chf / 50 chf student

nonmembers 70 chf / 60 chf students


XL Jivamukti Open Class with an emphasis on Pranayama and Meditation at the end

Sunday, January 27th


members: normal class packages and abos + 10 chf

nonmembers: 45 chf / 40 chf students


Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher (800+ hs) from and based in Berlin, Germany. Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in Rhinebeck, NY, 2011. Doctor of Law, working as a freelance writer, translator, lector and lawyer.

From 2011 - 2017 one of the main teachers of Jivamukti Yoga Berlin, mentor in the apprenticeship training program, co-worker in the administration office; now teaching Astanga and Jivamukti Yoga in smaller studios or privately. 

Forever thankful to my Astanga Teachers Matthew Vollmer and Eileen Hall for their warm guidance.