Vino and Vinyasa - Spring

Saturday, May 18th

16.00-17.00 Class / 17.15-18.45 Wine tasting

Join us for an invigorating treat for your senses. Start with a vigorous vinyasa flow class followed by a spring-themed wine tasting as we relax and enjoy the longer days overlooking the Rhine. The tasting will feature a selection of 6 fresh and aromatic wines that will serve to cool and center us long after the vinyasa practice has ended.

This experience is for everyone – all level yoga practice and wine novice to enthusiast. If you are a fan of vinyasa and fresh, aromatic wines plan to join us as we welcome the longer Basel days.

Presented by Kristen Watson-Geering and James Kasprzyk WSET3 certified


Normal Drop ins: 65 chf for class and wine tasting (50 chf only wine tasting at @ 17.15.)

Student: 55 chf for class and wine tasting (45 chf for just wine tasting @ 17.15)

Have a Class Pack at studio? 50 chf wine tasting and class pack / 35 chf student wine tasting and class pack)

PREREGISTER: awakentothepath@gmail.com with Kristen

The wine tasting will include 6 carefully chosen selections: 1 sparkling, 4 whites and 1 red.

James Bio

Wine has been a passion of mine for decades and I have a simple approach to wine – drink what you find enjoyable. Don’t rely on what others say you should like. It’s a great big wine world and plenty of different styles and flavors to please every palate.

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