Fri Sept 15th- Sat Sept 16th- Sun Sept 17th

fri 18.00-20.30 (legs)

sat 16.30-19.00 (peace/sleep)

sun 10-12.30 (digestion)  / 16.30-19.00 (intuition/inner core/outer world)

The first part of the workshop's physical practice focuses on the legs – our Yin part. Kristine will guide you through a sequence that strengthens your naturel cleansing and gives your legs the power to move using as less energy as possible. In the second part the focus will be on strengthening your night's sleep and the ability to find peace after a busy weekday. The third part focuses on optimizing yours Digestion, which is our third most vital function. In this way you will experience how yin and yang integrate and unite when upper and lower part of your body is one living organism.

Kristine finish off the process with the workshop combining the yin and the yang with a sequence that strengthens yours intuition and balance between your inner core and the world


Pricing: 65 chf members/50 students/ 75 nonmembers

whole weekend:  175 chf students / 250 chf nonmember / 225 chf member


How is it when Yin meets yoga. India meets China and vice versa. And Kristine, a modern Danish woman of the West meets the old traditions of the East, and she attempts to combine a wish for sharing the healing of Yin yoga with the world around her and survive 2017 outside a convent. You get a taste of all that when Kristine guides you over 2 days into sequences that cultivates and refines one’s self by creating space, excess energy and roominess.

Focus during these 4 workshops will be on the understanding of the 3 principles of Yin yoga and beyond. How can the understanding of Yin and the essence of the practice be used as a dauly practice whether you are a yogi, an athlete or are challenged by our lifestyle today.

Kristine will share her wisdom of how healing with Yin yoga can be used to transform your body, mind and life working with the 3 vital Yin-instruments; digestion, detoxification and sleep.

Learn more on how the 5 basic values of Yin yoga from the time of Confucius, as for instance kindness, honesty and integrity, in Kristine’s practice is Yinpower to your yang balance. And basically, do not differ from the 5 yamas, which for thousands of years have been the guidelines for yogis.

Kristine will start of with an introduction to yin yoga and why we all need it whether we are yogis or not. How Yin yoga can be your everyday supplement as a sportsman/woman, desk-worker, shop-assistant, Yoga teacher or something completely different. As long as you have a body and are breathing this Yin yoga style is important for you, she says.